ICE: Immigration and Custom Enforcement

    About fifteen years ago, the Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) was created by Congress.  ICE took over U.S. Border Control under the Department of Homeland Security, which was formed in the wake of the September 11, 2011 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and became responsible for immigration law enforcement actions including:

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    Wrongful termination

    When working for someone or having someone work for you there can be a personal relationship that develops. Sometimes that personal relationship can be taken advantage of and situations can escalate to a point that may result in the termination of one of the parties. These situations can manifest themselves in different ways. Having knowledge and information of your rights as an employee and as an employer will hopefully give you the tools you need to handle and avoid such a difficult situation.   Some key terms include:

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    Do I Really Need Renters Insurance?

    Many when given the option of getting renters insurance, usually have qualms as to whether the policy they are looking at is worth the money. Most renters may not even know what type of coverage they are paying for. Understanding some general information about renter’s insurance may help you in determining whether you would benefit from this type of coverage.

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    How Can A Criminal Background Affect Divorce?

    How Can a Criminal Background Affect Divorce?

    What To Do When Eligible For Parole


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    What to do when you are pulled over for a suspected DUI

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      Getting pulled over is never fun, and almost always a daunting experience. It helps to be prepared and informed of your rights and constraints when pulled over by a police officer. You want to remain calm and aware, as to not instigate the situation or give the police officer a reason to be suspicious.

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